Charlie Pacello- Life Coach, Soul Trauma Healer, Keynote Speaker, Peaceful Warrior, and Humanitarian

Tina Castaldi (aka Athena Starseed) is one of the most gifted, amazing, inspirational teachers I have ever met.   She carries with her the wisdom of the ages, her heart is pure gold, and from this place she radiates blessings to everyone who makes it to her shamanic fitness bootcamp.

 Her voice sings in the harmony of the universe, and one feels in her presence the grace, beauty, and truth of the divine living within each person’s heart.  Ms. Castaldi makes getting up at 4am easy because she provides a space and container for all that is glorious and good within each person to shine brightly in their own light, celebrating their unique gifts, talents, and individuality, while consciously expanding their horizons to include the healing and restoration of our planet and its peoples.   

Athena has masterfully crafted a bootcamp program that includes song, ritual, dance, movement, yoga, meditation, aerobic exercise, weight training, and sound bath.  It is an exquisite experience, unlike anything I have ever done.  

Having served in the military, my last bootcamp was much different than this.  Whereas my first experience with bootcamp was about breaking us down to build us back up again, this bootcamp is focused on bring out your authentic self, in service to all that is good in you, that you may be fully available to your family, friends, the community, and  the world.  I used to dread waking up any time before 8am.


Now I look forward to starting my day before the sunrise.  

The increased energy, focus, and sensitivity to the world around you are incredible!

Thank you Athena for all that you do!  I am so grateful for your dedication, commitment, and selfless service to assist those who 

want to be of greater service to their community.  The sound bath provided by Ryan is second to none.   

There is no better way to start your day than to take Castaldi’s bootcamp.  Not only will you get in great 

shape, you will feel better about yourself, feel more energized to begin your day, and have the clarity 

and focus to fill every moment with the joy of being fully present to your life!
Charlie Pacello


Parthenia Grant Ph D

Professor, Author, Public Speaker, Radio Host of Divine Love Talk on CRN Radio

Tina Castaldi, who started the BootCamp craze in LA, is back with a completely innovative and balanced concept of physical fitness for the new millennium:

One that integrates spirit into the physical, mental and emotional aspect of BEING by combining meditation, yoga, inspiration, motivation, inner reflection, music, dance, and physical fitness, effectively melting away excess emotional and physical baggage with grace and ease.  

Thank you again for getting me back into my skinny jeans!!!

– Parthenia Grant, PhD, Host of Divine Love Talk on CRN Digital Talk Radio


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Sarah Larsen M.D.

 Humanitarian, Author, Public Speaker, Host

UBN Radio-Show Miracle Makers

Dear Ms. Castaldi
THANK YOU for an exquisite experience! 
Saints, Brahmanas and Pharaohs all share the practice of waking up early!  It has even been precisely written in the large body of sacred text from ancient India called the Vedas.

It states one hour and thirty six minutes prior to sunrise is the most powerful time for intentions, prayers and meditation. This powerful time in community with others committed to this morning journey has created a timeless remover of every obstacle. 

Your Castaldi's BootCamp is a breakthrough program for me!  It is literally a dream come true to spend my morning in meditation, in a yoga practice, and connecting with dedicated, powerful service oriented members of our community!   

Thank you for the incredible landscape of 432 hz music that raises my vibration and the sound bath healing created by Ryan Mathews!  I love waking up for this engaging experience!
I am so happy, i am once again a size 0!!!!!

Dear friend if you are looking for a change, look no further!  You probably know how much I value my time, being of service and having a strong body to be useful.  This training will help you with time management, generating incredible energy, and give you powerful techniques for every area of your life! 

With great respect and admiration,
-Sarah Larsen M.D.
Miracle Makers 
UBN Radio Tv
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Shamanatrix Missy Galore

Activist-Artivist, Singer, Songwriter, MC,  Event Producer, Galatic Initiator and

Fashion Designer

Dear Cosmic Family,

I love  Tina Athena Starseed’s early morning Boot Camp!

It's a prefect mix of spiritual uplift and physical exercise, keeping my vibe high thru out the day.

 At first, I was hesitant due to the early start time at 5am, but I have to admit, my body loves it!

Waking up in the morning, before sunrise is Now effortless because I know it will lead me shortly to bliss. 

She leads the class with strength, wisdom and fun; I recommend it for everyone!!!

-Shamanatrix Missy Galore 

Activist-Artivist, Singer, Songwriter, MC, Producer and Galatic Initiator
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Greg Larsen

Musician, Singer, Songwriter and Co-Host

UBN Radio-Show Miracle Makers

THANK YOU for everything!!

I am so thrilled with the results I've achieved by saying "YES!" to Castaldi's BootCamp! 

This experience was totally outside the box for me and I couldn't fathom waking up at 4am to be on the mat by the start of each session by 5am.

And then two days before the start of the BootCamp my wife and I committed 100% to showing up!  Then the next morning "God" woke me up at 4am with a huge surge of energy and creative ideas, so I knew we were going to make it through the 4 week training.  

I have felt shifts on all four levels that Athena works on: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual!  It's like I am stepping out of time to perform the sacred and disciplined work of an initiate, so I can be fully available for my "real" life and my long to-do list. 

And the BootCamp also has done so much to prepare my wife and I for the roles we play as leaders of a spiritual retreat to Egypt, which departs one week after the end of our BootCamp!  Not only have I been whipped into shape by Athena, I will also have new tools to share with my initiates that I have learned from this fitness high priestess!

I am so grateful for Athena and her dedication to my growth and the growth of all those she inspires to join her on this shaman fitness journey!

I highly recommend Athena's BootCamp for anyone who is looking for a life-changing experience and to shake up the monotony of the day to day routine and step into greater levels of manifestation!

-Greg Larsen
Co-host - Miracle Makers Podcast  
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Here is the post on Sarah's website with the Youtube video and audio podcast!

Angelica Perman-  Co-Founder of Sound Shrine, Healer-Shaman, Intuitive Channel, Singer, Songwriter and Humanitarian

Athena Castaldi, offers such a special combination of Love, Wisdom, Joy, Compassion, Motivation and  Inspiration to support Wellness of your entire being!


Her personal coaching, retreats, healing sessions, soul readings, and fitness sessions are all wrapped up into one in her unique Bootcamp.

Athena offers a portal to manifesting your dreams. She authentically sees and supports all she meets to assist them in bringing out their gifts + talents to be  nurtured and shared with the world. 

Dream Your Life Awake with Athena Castaldi!

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