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Monthly BootCamp Class Schedule for 2018:

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BootCamp Special- $400

4 week BootCamp Program-  
includes 20 sessions 60 min.  sessions

Limited introductory offer-  $20 a session
(Regular price $500)

All Classes run Monday-Friday

from 5am-6:30am


The Sound Palace Temple

4701 Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403

BootCamp Special

Personal Training-$150hr

Intuitive Reading-$150hr

​Tina Castaldi (Athena) is the originator of America's first outdoor fitness BootCamp, she channeled and established- 1994! As a lifetime entrepreneur starting her first business at age 5, she brings a mystical multi dimensional breath of fresh air to the traditional business model with her intuitive readings. 

She has worked with celebrities such as the great and honored

Jack LaLanne, Richard Simmons, Susan Powter,

Dr. Hew Len, Masaru Emoto and Marianne Williamson.

​Using her practical life skills which include Radio, Print, TV, Theatre, Film, Social Media and Action Plan expertise, Tina (Athena) combines her everyday Life Strategies with her intuitive gifts of Soul Coaching.  

Here are some of Hollywoods top Celebrities, Health/Wellness Experts and Humanitarian Leaders she has Channeled for:

Lou Crona- Live Foods Expert and Health/Wellness Educator 2007-2009

Tyler Tolman- Fasting Health Practitioner 2008-2009

Angelica Perman- Sound Healing Musician and Channel 2010

Michael Perlin- Doc. Film Maker 3 Magic Words 2011

Debbie Jacobs Malamzada-Great Spirits Ranch Malibu 2011

Michele Garcia- Active Recovery Solutions Sky Valley 2012-15

Guy Douglas- Gong Sound Healer Sunset Ceremonies


The late Maha Lakshmi- New Life Society California Feeding Program 2014-2015

Nandhji Topas Yogi- Amma's Sanscuary, Declaration of Consciousness, Arriven Communities, Humanitarian Leader 2014-present

Parthenia Grant- Divine Love Talk on CRN radio-2014-16

​Gary Christmas- Abundance Without Ecocide 2015

Kenneth Schwenker- One Love Festival 2015

Joseph Jacques- CAST, Harmonic Humanity 2012-present

Missy Shamanatrix- Singer, Designer, Performance Artist 2015-16

Lisa Haisha- Spiritual Counciler

Annual Legacy Gala 2015-2016

Elaine Wong- Malibu Mudra Mindfulness Center 2016

Helen Samuels- Wisdom Leader, Eagle Condor Prophecy 2016

Chief Phil Lane Jr.-

Eagle Condor Prophecy 2016 Fund Raiser 

Ryan Matthews- Musician Sound Healer 2016

Charlie Pacello- PTSD Solutions 2016

Tracey Trottenberg- Amazing Woman and Divine Partnership Workshops 2016 

Intuitive Business Strategist Fee-

25 hours



Emotional Body Release Work- $250    

 90 minutes sessions

Personal Training Package 20 sessions-  $1000

 60 minutes sessions




CASTALDIS LiteBody Fitness

 BootCamp Programs


*True Transformational change happens on all levels:  Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual.

*That's why Castaldi’s Fitness BootCamp addresses all 4 dimensions of a Soul. 

 "Engaging the human at the core of Being

is where our work begins..."

2018 BootCamp Schedule

Next Class

Januray BootCamp

Jan. 8th-2nd

Feb. BootCamp

Feb. 5th-March 2nd

March BootCamp

March 5th-March 30th

April BootCamp

April 2nd-April 27th

May BootCamp

May 7th-June 1st

June BootCamp

Jun 4th-June 29th

The Sound Palace Temple

4701 Cedros Ave.

Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403

Class Description:
This class is designed to loose body fat, increase lean muscle tissue, set fitness goals, journal and participate in community sharing.

 Each fitness class will include a Talking Stick Circle (Native American tradition) to discuss the spiritual aspects of physical fitness.

Castaldi's Shamanic Fitness Class is a 90 minute workout that addresses the Body, Mind and Spirit all wrapped into one Musical Journey towards Self Actualization.  When we create disipline, structure and accountability we carve a PATH toward Elevated States of Awareness!

As our bodies are the TEMPLE of our Souls, it is very important, we as stewards, take good care of them.

Using Joy as our main ingredient we sweat our way to Fun through Fitness.

The Body was born to PLAY...The outcome is allowing the Joy in Fitness to be our Present!

CLASS Outline:  calisthenics, stretching, yoga, circuit training, dance movement free style, plyometric exercises, healthy meal planning, meditation, community sharing-talking stick 

JOIN:CastaldisBootCamp NOW-

by calling  (323) 793-4966

 About Tina Castaldi:

Tina Castaldi aka Athena StarSeed has been in the health and wellness profession for over 25 years.

Born a natural athlete, she performed as a gymnast for the first 10 years of her life.

At age 11, her life took a dramatic turn when she was diagnosed with a very rare bone disease. She was told she would have less than a 5% chance to ever walking again.   Tina feeling overwhelmed and sentenced to a wheelchair want to give up on so many occasions and struggled with the simplest of physical tasks.  Her physical adversity challenged every fiber of her  naturally out going optimistic attitude.

It was 'HERE' where her true spiritual growth began to blossom through the wisdom of her childhood.  "What does not kill us makes us stronger.” , was a quote she would repeat on a daily basis.  All life happens for a reason  she thought, and sometimes we don’t find that reason out until much later in life.

The main gift Tina shares is her ability to be Present with adversity and Grateful for the miracle of these physical body, which she calls Temples! 

It has become her life's work and  legacy to continue to share this experience with EveryOne she meets! 

Inspiration, Transformation and Celebration… Fitness where…

You are the Present!"

In loving Reverence,
Tina Castaldi

To book a reading call

(323) 793-4966