Castaldi's Top 5 Nutritional Basics

Nutrition is 90% of the 'Fitness Game' when it comes to weight loss and lean muscle tissue increase.

As you embark on Castaldi's LiteBody Fitness Journey please consider doing the following 5 Fitness Tips to maximize your Physical Results!!!

1. Fast from all animal products: meat, dairy, soda, alcohol and all processed products for 10-40 days! Order Purium 10 or 40 Day Transformation Weight loss products.

Take your regular 'normal' grocery money and instead of buying food at the store for the week or month purchase today the green super food 10-40 Day Transformation plan so you can cleanse and detox your body at a cellular level.  Let's reboot our DNA and release all unwanted emotions and stored FAT!!!

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Animal protein is very difficult to digest and is filled with unhealthy cholesterol that causes strokes and heart attacks. To fast from this hard to metabolize bulk, would allow you to speed up your weight loss by 50%!!!

2. Eat a daily diet of 3 green drink meals, one at 9am,12 noon and the other at 6pm or close to sunset.  Snack with flex foods twice a day between green drinks and plant amino acids.  Flex food snacks are filled with colorful fruits, nuts, seeds (soak and germinate) and green leafy vegetables.  Please includes nutritionally dense live organic whole foods, locally grown, loaded with sunlight which include live enzymes that support digestion. 

3. Taking digestive enzymes with each meal is a Major Key for good health and longevity.  It is my profession recommendation that all my clients use plant based enzymes to enhance digestion, assimilation and elimination.  This mandatory directive is a huge benefit for speeding up weight loss results.  Please check out the link below and watch the video on THE TRUTH ABOUT EATING COOKED FOODS with World renowned  Nutritional Guru Lou Corona:

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4. Juice or water fasting one to three days a week to give your body an energy break from overworking.

We waste an incredible amount of energy digesting food and when we Juice for an entire day we can utilize that energy to clean up unwanted fat and disease in our body temples. This very simple weekly habit reboots your metabolism and increases your ability to burn excess body fat at higher speeds.  Fasting is an ancient secret that has been know to reverse aging and prevent disease.

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 Remember Food is Medicine-  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."


Meal Plans:


1. Lemon Ginger Blast:  Best Enzymes on the Planet

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What Can I eat?  Below is a list of Acid and Alkaline forming foods.  Eat as many Alkaline forming foods as possible.

A list of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods