"What We do to the Earth

We do to Ourselves...

How We treat Ourselves

is how We treat Others.  


We can see the Divine

within all Life

We can See the divinity



if we See the divinity


We can see the Divinity



All Sentient Beings are Divine!"

May All Beings Be Happy and Free!

Aum Namaha Siva!

Aum Aum Aum

​​Castaldi's LiteBody Fitness BootCamp 

Lose unwanted Fat and get Fit through A Shamanic Fitness Workout!!!

Transforming the Body, Mind and Spirit…

Where Joy is the Natural Outcome!

 LiteBody Fitness Details:

Time:  5am-6:30am
Monday - Friday - 5 Days a week.

 Special Introductory Rate:$300

- $20 for an hour and a half training-

Regular Price $500


For more information Call   

(323) 793 4966


90mins. Classes and include:
Warm Up-Cool Down

Sun Yoga
Plyometric Exercises
Circuit Training


Goal Setting
Breath Work

Present Moment Awareness Exercises

Nutritional Guidance Journal

​Enzyme therapy

Solar Gazing

​​​Meditation Mantras by Athena StarSeed

Castaldi's BootCamp is a Portal of Infinite Possibilities. It's a space to get in SHAPE as we do the 'Great Work'.  I dedicate my life, my music and my light to the Evolution of all Sentient Beings.  I am very excited to SHARE with all my BootCampers, friends and  soul family around the planet this very powerful sonic transmission.  Please take a moment to Listen to it...Light a candle...set an Intention and gently close your eyes and go deep within your Soul...as these Sacred Sounds unfolds in your heart....

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Practice this Mantra for 42 days at sunrise, noon and sunset for maximum benefits.

"I dedicate this song to the Evolution of all Sentient Beings!

Aum Aum Aum
Please SHARE this Mantra if you feel motivated and moved in anyway...and

Know You are Divinely Loved!!!!!"

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My name is Athena StarSeed 

"I AM the daughter of a Billion Burning SUNs...
Sister of ALL Nations and
Mother of ... Reverence
I stand in front of the Creator
And of ALL Creation...
100% Responsible for
My Thoughts, my Emotions,
My Words, my Actions
And All my Relations!

I AM a tiny Spark in the Heart of GOD!

and I dedicate my Life to the "I AM" in ALL that Is.
I AM Present!!!”
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Here's is the interview on Divine Love Talk 

with Athena StarSeed Castaldi with the commercials edited out, and special guest Chief Phil Lane, Jr. on the Eagle, Quetzal and Condor Prophesy; the Panama Canal Prophesy, and the New 16 Principles necessary to guide us into a World of Peace with No More war...a true Heaven on Earth.

Chief Lane said that World Peace is not only possible but "Inevitable!"

You won't want to miss this historic interview of hope!

Joining me on the show is Athena StarSeed Tina Castaldi announcing her new Spiritual "Reboot" Bootcamp in Brentwood. - Parthenia Onassis Grant

Athena StarSeed Tina Castaldi shares that
Castaldi's LiteBody Fitness BootCamp is a Shamanic Fitness experience with Sonic Alchemy and live singing where one is transported  into the Heavenly sounds of Angelic song. 

This initiation into  Sonic Shamanic Fitness is a Physical, Emotion, Mental and Spiritual Journey to prepare the  Emotions, Mind, Body and Spirit for the 'Great Work', a life of  Purpose, Passion and Self Service.  

"When One see through the eyes of everyone, there is only ONE that remains."   

Castaldis LiteBody Fitness BootCamp is a daily training program for the Soul to actualize the Remembrance of who we truly are...and how we can live a life of fulfillment!

 ReAwaken the Presence!

If we come together in love all things are possible.  Below are 16 principles on how to Create Heaven on Earth  Spearheaded by the honorable Chief Phil Lane Jr. and 100's of indigenous tribal world leaders.  These principles took over 12 years of collaborative effort to deliver to Humanity

for the preservation of Mother Earth and her children for the next 7 generations.  Please read and get involved.  Links are attached below.

16 Principles Of Living and Loving Heaven on Mother Earth-

1. Restore the Sacred: We must remind ourselves and our Human Family, through living, sacred prayers, songs, ceremony and our ancient prophecies, that Mother Earth is our sacred provider of life, not to be treated as an endless storehouse, a limitless dump for our waste, and to satisfy our appetite for the material dimension of life. This includes preserving and protecting sacred sites world-wide and returning heirloom sacred objects that have been taken from their rightful owners. To ensure that these sacred sites and objects may again be used for their original cultural and spiritual purposes.

2. Support the global emergence of the

“Seventh Generation”, as promised, by fostering youth participation, leadership, and wisdom in all decision making processes impacting all life on Mother Earth.


3. Reduce consumption: This reduction of consumption must start in the rich nations, among the wealthy and comfortable, to restore the values of simplicity and humility. Our Human Family can live much happier and more rewarding lives with less consumption of Mother Earth’s body and energy.

4. Restore women’s rights to stabilize human population: We’ve grown past Mother Earth’s capacity, and our human population simply cannot keep growing. Our ancient relatives knew that their communities had to fit their habitat. Natural patterns of creation were practiced that resulted in extended families in balance with the natural world.

Today, over a billion of our human relatives are hungry daily, and 10 million of these relatives starve to death every year. We must stabilize the population of our Human Family.

It’s essential to ensure women everywhere have equal rights and respect. Wherever women have rights over their own reproduction, and where contraception is freely available, the birth rate naturally declines. Universal education, social justice, and ecological justice allow communities to limit their own population growth.

5. Transition to sustainable energy sources: We must take every action to reduce and eliminate hydrocarbon energy use — coal, oil, gas — and build the renewable energy infrastructure: solar, wind, and hydro power, where it is acceptable and is approved through a process of free, prior and informed consent.

Conservation will be an important part of any genuine energy transition, using energy modestly and carefully, to minimize rather than maximize energy consumption. This, includes, eliminating all Alberta Tar Sands related projects

Nation states everywhere on Mother Earth need to remove all taxes and tariffs on solar technology and other proven alternative energy sources. In addition, nation states must increase carbon taxes, eliminate subsidies to the petroleum industry, and use those revenues to subsidize renewable energy research and installation.

6. Restore natural ecological function on a planetary scale: Reverse the decline of forests, coral reefs, wetlands, and other productive ecosystems. We must replant, restore, and protect the wild forests to provide natural species diversity to grow again, and to supply human communities with materials and energy for modest lives that are connected to productive living systems.

To achieve this, we require a paradigm shift in economics, a shift from growth and extraction to preservation of the real wealth: our natural ecosystems. Rather than attempt to monetize nature, we must do the opposite and naturalize the economy.

7. Permit only organic and traditional farming: End the industrial farming methods that have destroyed soils and spread toxins throughout our environment. For our people, organic farming is traditional farming.

8. Build a strong infrastructure for public transportation: Eliminate cars and restore efficient public transportation systems, light-rail, electric trains, and trolleys. Rebuild our communities so people can access their needs by walking and bicycle.

9. Build Peace: War is the greatest consumer of oil and energy, the greatest contributor to ecological destruction, and the most destructive force among the Human Family. War benefits only the powerful, the wealthy, and the weapons industry.

We must make peace a global priority, refuse to fund war machines, refuse to participate in war-making, and stop glorifying war. Eliminate the weapons industry that lives off the misery of the victims among our relatives. The realization of world peace can only be established on the full spiritual awareness of the Oneness of the Human Family and the elimination of prejudice in all forms, including anything that causes a human being or society to feel superior to another.

10. Restore and Promote the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: The industrial economies have consistently pushed Indigenous communities from their productive land. By restoring the rights of all Indigenous communities, of all members of the Human Family, who know how to live in harmony with the natural world, we take a major step forward in healing our Mother Earth.

This includes the full legal implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, with special emphasis on the principle of free, prior and informed!

11. Eliminate those toxins: All Nation States and Multinational Corporations responsible for generating toxic waste -- including nuclear, petroleum, chemical, agricultural, and any other toxic waste -- immediately develop a global plan to eliminate those toxins from all ecosystems, air, land, and water, by 2020.

12. Implement universal gender equality: The realization of full equality among women and men is a prerequisite of peace. The denial of such equality is an injustice against half of the world’s population and promotes harmful attitudes and habits among men, from the family to the workplace, into political life and international relations.

Ultimately, any gender discrimination, including gender violence, leads directly to a destructive relationship with Mother Earth.

There are no grounds moral, practical or biological, upon which such denial can be justified.

Only when Women and Men are Equally included in full partnership, in all fields of human endeavor, will we be able to create the moral and psychological climate to fully realize international peace.

13. Long-term decisions: Facilitate decision-making by leaders, so that decisions remain beneficial for seven generations into the future, a policy known by Indigenous people as "Seven Generations" decision-making.

In the Ihanktowan Dakota Traditions, the thirteenth tepee pole is the women's pole, around which the hide or canvas is wrapped. The other twelve poles are erected first, and then the thirteenth pole is lifted into place and the skin of the tepee is unwrapped around the others, covering all. Without this pole, of course, there is no shelter.

Scientific evidence shows that the toxic pollution of industrial culture is poisoning the wombs of woman-kind , infecting our future generations, causing disease, diabetes, obesity, birth defects, and cancers. This is chemical violence.

These toxics are breaking the thirteenth pole, harming our women and all women, endangering unborn children, so that there may not be a seventh generation. Short term decision-making for money is the opposite of seventh generation decision-making.

14. Proclaim and implement Bioregional Marine Sanctuaries throughout Mother Earth as soon as possible. Bioregional Marine Sanctuaries are named areas of Earth, Water and Air where natural animal populations are protected and restored to more than 50% of historic levels as soon as possible.

Water quality and forest biomass levels are also protected and restored to very high levels.
Bioregional Marine Sanctuary boundaries generally correspond to natural features, such as watershed topography, vegetation types, oceanic continental shelves and margins. All rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, estuaries and aquifers are included.

15. Fully understand and recognize we are One Human Family: Since we are all part of the Sacred Circle of Life, we are all Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth. This makes every Human Being responsible for the wellbeing of one another and for all living things upon our Mother Earth.

Historically, governments and corporations, after 21 years of climate conferences, have accomplish nothing to solve the climate challenge and have, in fact, subsidized the petroleum energy industry that increases climate change.

We hold these governments and corporations responsible to make genuine progress, but we do not rely on them to restore the harmony and balance of life. The majority of the work to protect and restore the sacredness of life remains with each and every one of us.

16.Take unprecedented, unified action:

To reverse climate change and bring our Human Family back into harmony with the natural world requires unprecedented, unified action.

Therefore, whether or not the nation states, multinational corporations, or international development agencies are willing or able to participate with us at this time, Indigenous Peoples and other members of the Human Family are moving forward with increasing strength and unity to rebuild and reunify all peoples and nations of Mother Earth, through the Natural Laws and Guiding Principles inherent in our Indigenous World View and Legal Order, based on a spiritual, enduring, and eternal foundation. 

For more information to support the efforts of

Chief Phil Lane Jr. and his foundation in Panama 
​http://www.fwii.net/   http://www.fundacioncuatromundos.org/

Pictorial Report - 4 Worlds Foundation

in Panama (Fundación Cuatro Mundos Panamá):   


LiteBody FitnessBootCamp in the Media:



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